The history of MİTAŞ Group started in 1955 with the establishment of MİTAŞ Metal Construction Inc. in Ankara as a public partnership where Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation was the principal shareholder. The main fields of activity were desing, production, galvanisation and assembly of energy transmission line towers at the very beginning.

In 1985, the shareholders were Türkiye İş Bankası, the Turkish Electricity Administration, Keban Holding, Presiz Metal and Kültür Yayınları. The entire annual production of about 23,000 tons then was intended to meet the needs of the domestic market. 

In 1989, a significant change occurred in the shareholding structure of MİTAŞ. The share held by the Turkish Electricity Administration dropped to 49.66% and, 50.04% of the shares was acquired by EMTA A.Ş. After this semi-privatization, we sped up the feasibility studies for the renovation and training of human resources, the modernization of production and galvanised coating factories as well as new investments and business operations. These efforts quickly resulted in positive production figures and, the annual production doubled up.

In 1993, the shares held by EMTA A.Ş. increased to 88.35% while the shares held by the public sector reduced to 16.65%. In this period, the production constantly increased due to MİTAŞ’s turning towards foreign markets, and reached an amount of 55,000 tons per year. The first export was to Algeria in 1993 after the shift from the production “only for domestic markets” to “for all countries in the world”. 

In 1994, the shareholding structure was as follows: 97.95% held by MİTAŞ, while 2.05% held by the public sector.
Meanwhile, MİTAŞ constantly increased the level of importance to the implementation of quality and, it has become the first in our country to receive the certification ISO 9002 from the TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) in 1994 and, the quality system certification ISO 9001 from the SGS in 1997.

In 1994, MİTAŞ Poles Industry and Trade Inc. was established to start the production of polygonal type of poles. Thus poles for lighting, energy transmission, projector, antenna, advertisement and flags were included to the range of products. This progress advanced the conventional production of polygonal poles into an aesthetics understanding.

In 1997, MİTAŞ Bolt Inc. was established to manufacture steel fasteners such as bolts, anchors, stud bolts etc. This company has been still manufacturing a wide range of products in its new facilities for various business enterprises from the energy to the automotive industry.

Continuously increasing its capacity and product range till the end of the 1990s, MİTAŞ has transformed its knowledge and experience to the expertise by means of the reorganisation through group companies during the 2000s in order to secure its position in the fast changing and developing commercial business environment of the world.

In 2004, the company changed its name to MİTAŞ Energy and Metal Construction Inc.

MİTAŞ Galvanising Inc., having the biggest full automatic galvanisation facility of Turkey, was established and started to operate in the same year in Ankara. MİTAŞ Galvanising continues its operations closely following the new developments in the field of galvanisation technology as a member of the national and international associations of galvanisation.
The operations of design of energy transmission line towers that were within the organization of MİTAŞ since its incorporation was started to be carried out as a new company called MİTENG Engineering Inc., established in 2005. MİTENG that carries out its operations with an expertise team of design uses the world’s leading design and modelling software such as PLS- CADD, PLS-Tower, PLS-Spole, Tekla-Xsteel, Autocad, Sap 2000, All Pile etc.

In 2005, MİTAŞ Steel Structures Inc. was established to meet the domestic demands for energy transmission and distribution lines towers.

In 2007, the production facilities of MİCHA Galvanised Steel Construction Inc. entered into service with the partnership of the French Fayat Group. MİCHA reflects the advantages of its location, which is close to the suppliers and the port, to its customers through a high capacity and fast delivery.

Laser Technic Inc. was established as a metal sheet processing workshop during the 1990’s has continued its operations under the name of MİTAŞ Welding and Plate Processing Inc. (MSIM) for production of metal plate products and welded structures.

In 2010, MİTAŞ Telecom System Inc. (MTS) was established to operate in the telecommunication industry for providing telecommunication towers and accessories in various designs.

MİTKON Solar and Switchyard Steel Structures Inc. (MITKON) was established in 2011 in order to provide the industry with steel structures for substations that are an important part of the energy transmission and distribution process. MİTKON operates in supplying steel constructions not only for substations but also solar energy plants, the market share of which is gradually increasing.

In 2012, MİTAŞ Powerline Construction Inc. (MEPC) was established to operate in the field of turn-key activities for engineering, procurement and construction of steel structures such as energy transmission towers and substations both locally and internationally. 

MİTAŞ Group Companies including the newly incorporated ones which are MİTAŞ R&D Consultancy and IT Inc. (MAD), operating in the field of information technologies, GALVASOL Galvanising Chemicals Production Inc., operating in the production of galvanising chemicals, and POLENG Engineering Inc., operating in the design and engineering of polygonal and circular types of steel towers, will continue their operations with the aim of increasing the quality of life of people by means of providing products and services integrated with creative, safe and environmentally friendly technologies.